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  • The competition is open for competitors from all countries.

  • Each candidate could maximum apply for 3 categories (only 1 from age group, namely category 1-7).

  • Applications must be submitted before 19.August.2024, 23:59 (GMT+1).

  • The application videos must clearly show candidate’s face and hands consistently.

  • Please mention the date of the recording, the video before 01.01.2022 will not be accepted.

  • The Video quality should be of acceptable quality. (720p,1080p)

  • For Composer. The Audio quality should be of acceptable quality.

  • At the beginning of the uploaded video, please introduce your name, group and the title of the pieces you are playing.

  • You can send only one link to your performance, it can include several pieces, pauses are allowed. This means if you are willing to submit a few small pieces, you can combine them into a longer video.

  • The portrait photo must not be older than 2 years. All candidates must read and accept and Terms and Conditions.


In each category, candidates scoring:

  • 100 points: Grand Winner

  • 96-99 points: Absolute First Prize Winner

  • 90-95 points: First Prize Winner

  • 85-89 points: Second Prize Winner

  • 80-84 points: Third Prize Winner

  • Encouragement Award

  • There can be more than one Winner in each tier.

Special Awards:

  • Grand Prize: Awarded to the candidate with the highest points in the season. Receives a Grand Prize Special Trophy.

  • Special Prizes (Best Musicianship, Best Technique, etc.): Appointed by judge's recommendation.

All winners will receive:

  • E-Certificate via E-Mail

  • "All participating contestants will receive judges' feedback."

  • Display as the Season winner in the “Elysian Harmony Hall of Talents”

  • The teacher of the winner will also receive an E-Certificate as “Excellent Teacher Award”

  • (Printed certificates can be sent by post upon request, printing and post costs must be covered by each winner.


Recognition and Features

  • Grand winner will get paper certificate (free) + Interview

  • Absolute First and First Prize Winners' photos will be featured in the competition news post on the Culture Chord Worldwide website.

  • Absolute First Prize and First Prize winners will receive personalized digital posters displaying their achievements, published on the Winners Page of the website.

  • Winner posters may be shared on Facebook & Instagram.

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